Saturday, September 29, 2007

Loop the Loop

I'm using Froot Loops for my project for Artists Books. Its going alright so far. I'm planning on writing on the cereal so I'm coating them in glue to provide a smoother less absorbant surface. My routine sort of goes one Froot Loop in the glue, one in my mouth haha Luckily I haven't gotten mixed up yet and eaten a glue covered Froot Loop yet (although, it is non-toxic).

Inside Mireille's Head

These were some fun exercises I did while I was bored and talking to Mireille. I just asked her to name random things for me to draw. The first one she said "a giant rat and a tiny person - and flowers!" So I turned that into the Pete Wentz-esque rat and the little scenester kid whom I call Hector. And that is Peter Petrelli flying in the top right corner (another request by Mireille along with the hot air balloon and clothesline). The second was just a list of random objects (one of which was "lots and lots of flowers"). So that is your in depth look into the mind of my sister.

The Results of Computer Withdrawl

"The Most Important Meal of the Day"
(it's grrrrrreat)

"Mint Chocolate Chip Kool-Aid"

I had a dream the other night that someone made me a mint chocolate chip koolaid beverage (which was just mint koolaid - do they even make that? - with chocolate chips stirred in) and then they forced me to drink it. Yum yum.

I Heart Fonts

This is part two for my Visual Dynamics project (well, actually it is technically part four but whatev). I had to add text to an image and here are some of the various results I ended up with - so many font choices! My mom says it looks like a design for a biker t-shirt. Maybe I'll sell it to the Sturgis people haha.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Death of an iPod

Sadly, my iPod died sometime last week. It was in my pocket and I bent over and it fell flat on the floor so now it appears as if it is working, but no sound comes out. When I phoned Apple, they said it would be $189 to fix since it is such a dinosaur and they don't make the parts for it anymore. However, it is $249 for a brand new one with video, colour and four times as much space! So I think I will be doing a little upgrade. Todd, you will be missed.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Visual Dynamics Project

Some images for my Visual Dynamics project. We had to take an image from a different culture and manipulate it using Photoshop to create a black and white pattern. It was sort of frustrating because the teacher did not give much instruction in Photoshop (of which I have only rudimentary knowledge) and was just sort of "go at it!" Oh well, I'm pretty satisfied with what I managed to create. (The original image was King Tut in case you're wondering).

Still More Doodles

....spooky heehee toast

This one is in response to my ginger ale craving finally being fulfilled! I got a package in the mail yesterday from my dear Victoria and in it were two bottles of ginger ale! It is very hard trying to savour and save them at the same time. It is quite the dilemma - to drink or not to drink? Well, now I don't have to wait until Christmas for ginger ale! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

More Random Doodles

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pretend My Hands Are Waffle Irons

So I finally have my art blog now (as you can tell, since you are here). This is just my space to post random doodles, in-progress stuff and final projects. Enjoy!